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Welcome to envIA!

If you're here to give your photos a more festive touch, you’re looking for an original greeting or a combination of both, you've come to the right place!

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Select an image that includes people and a large background.

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What will you get as an output?

Our AI will generate a unique text based on the words that you indicate. And when you upload an image, the AI will give it the touch it needs to be a spectacular greeting.

How does envIA work?

envIA is a creative generator based on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

When you type a text into our system, we feed it into a Machine Learning model that has been pre-trained with millions of texts to learn how to write in natural language.

The model captures the meaning and context of your words and is able to use them to generate a greeting poem which is grammatically correct, brand-new and... surprisingly coherent.

When you upload an image, we use a smart image-to-image model, communicating with it with a simple instruction called a prompt.

In this case, we ask it to combine the image uploaded with a celebration style, always respecting the people in the image if there are any. The result is different every time, and above all unpredictable.